Cloth Floor Drum Sander Bag


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Durable Cloth Drum Sander Bag priced at $38.23



Cloth Drum Sander Dust Bag
 •  Durable Fabric
 •  Heavy-Duty Drawstring Cord
 •  Reusable
 •  In-stock and Ready to Ship
 •  Made in the USA

This drum sander bag will generally fit the following drum sanders with vertical dust discharge tubes:
 •  Alto - Clarke - American Sanders EZ-8 / EZ8
 •  Clarke DU-8 / DU8
 •  Rentlink - Hiretech HT8 / HT-8
 •  Essex SL-8
 •  Silverline - Silver Line SL-8 / SL8


Additional Information

Material Durable Cloth
Size For Drum Sanders