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Preparing to Refinish Your Hardwood Floor

Preparing to Refinish Your Hardwood Floor
March 24, 2017

Preparing to Refinish Your Hardwood Floor

There are a few things which could be overlooked when refinishing a wood floor. When preparing for the project, you should also keep the following things in mind.

When preparing and completing the project, it is important to keep the room conditions the same and to not make any dramatic changes in temperature or humidity. You should keep your thermostat at the same as you are used to and make sure the products are stored at room temperature.

Make some arrangement for your pets. Using the equipment is very loud (of course hearing protection is imperative for the people), and you should keep your pets isolated away from the room or even kept away from the home. Also, some of the products such as stain, varnish, or solvents can be deadly to your pets if consumed. A pet on the loose can scratch or harm the surface and it is just best to arrange for them to stay away from the activity. Or they could even make their way on wet coatings which could be disastrous for the floors and would require solvents to clean their paws.

Remember to refrain from causing excess damage to the floors when removing old flooring or carpet. Nail pullers, utility knives, scrapers, and sharp edges can cause irreparable damage that you will not be able to sand down. However, it is important to carefully remove or sink any fasteners.

Remove all doors, furniture, wall hangings and anything at all that is on the floor. You will not get a good sanding if you need to stop and move something out of the way. If you cannot remove something which is hanging, cover it with plastic because there will be dust. Consider removing window treatments as well. You might invest in the plastic zipper system for doorways or hang an old sheet. Tape up a cover on heat and a/c vents.

If working in a bedroom, don't forget to remove all clothes from the closets and also remove the closet doors. If in a kitchen, you might consider moving the food so it doesn't aborb the odors from the finishes, and be sure and move the fridge and stove out.

Careful planning will lead to a successful project completed in a minimal time frame.